We provide medical cleaning services, maintenance, and support services to medical practices and dentists.  You can’t take chances when cleaning a medical practice, any mistake can cause the spread of germs and infections therefore, it is vital that you trust your cleaners and you know that they are reliable.

Ensure professional cleaning is completed and above all to regulation

Medical practices such as doctors surgeries in England fall under the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC’s) ongoing compliance monitoring system. Part of this compliance monitoring process relates to cleanliness and infection control within your practice.

A waiting room full of potentially ill people obviously carries a high risk area for bacteria and viruses to spread. This is without even considering the consultation rooms where patients come and go
throughout the day. As a result, it’s clear that a professional and reliable cleaning service is essential in keeping your practice hygienic and safe on a daily basis. It is equally important to ensure that staff, patients and other visitors are also being kept as safe as possible when visiting.

The CQC regulations around cleaning have four main aims:

Doctors Surgery Cleaning requires skill and knowledge to be done correctly and well, with every clean.

  • To provide a good framework that will allow doctors surgery cleaning services to be arranged effectively and efficiently.
  • To make sure that the appropriate documentation is being provided that proves how medical processes are being managed, to include cleaning schedules, risk assessments, method statement and COSHH data sheets.
  • To emphasise that doctors surgery cleaning is a shared responsibility that does not just involve the cleaning team. It is a process that must be completed on an ongoing basis throughout the day.
  • To assist providers in making sure that risks for infection are reduced significantly
    during the delivery of services

In the healthcare cleaning sector, nothing short of perfection will do. Daily sanitisation throughout the practice is essential to keep staff and visitor safe, with many visiting when their immune system is already low.

Selection of the correct cleaning products and equipment is key, and cleaning should be completed in a thorough and methodical way, following the cleaning specification.

Areas that could easily be missed such as light switches, door handles and other high touch points require extra attention.

Floors should be cleaned thoroughly using a suitable disinfectant, desks and chairs cleaned daily, and bins emptied daily also. When you think of all the tasks that require cleaning and different frequencies, a cleaning schedule for your practice is likely to run over many pages if done correctly.

Patient and staff toilets require extra attention to ensure full sanitisation and safety for all visitors when undertaking surgery cleaning.

Colour coding is also essential to keep all areas of your practice as safe as possible. Colour coding is in its most simple form, the use of different coloured cloths, mops and buckets to prevent the spreading of germs. Industry standard colours are common, and normally as

  • red – for bathrooms
  • green – for kitchens
  • blue – for general low risk areas such as offices and waiting rooms
  • yellow – for clinical and decontamination areas

With many GP surgeries and dental practices requiring an out of hours cleaning service, we operate 24/7 and we can be flexible and clean at a time that suits you, the staff, your patients and business.




How To Book Our Professional Cleaning Services

If you are looking to book your next clean, it’s never been easier.  There are two simple ways to schedule an appointment with our team:

Simply contact Maria on 07763 904885 or book through our easy-to-use online Contact Us form.

Why Choose Us For Your Next Office Clean

Here’s Why:

1. Highly Experienced, Professional Office Cleaners

Our cleaners are not only highly experienced professionals who know the best, most efficient ways of cleaning any workspace, but they are also diligent workers who, by taking their work seriously, ensure a thorough cleaning service takes place at each and every premises visited.

Because building long-term relationships with clients is important to us, we vet our cleaners and have strict quality-control measures in place, ensuring that our service meets or surpasses client expectations every time. We are so confident in our abilities that we even offer a free reclean guarantee on every booking – although we have never had a single reclean request yet!

We are a well-established cleaning company with years of experience and quality work behind us. Our clients are guaranteed to always have an account manager to talk to if any issues arise or any adjustments need to be made. Moreover, we are happy to work to your time requirements and clean after hours if required.

We have measures in place to cover holiday and absentees so you won’t have to bear the brunt of it.  If all fails the company director will be more than happy to take on the reigns for the day and step in to save the day!  This is in fact what sets us apart from other commercial cleaning companies, we will go to all costs to ensure our client is not let down and all duties are attended to.

2. Competitive Prices

When it comes to a regular clean and other cleaning services, we are committed to delivering competitive, affordable prices that put us a cut above the rest. Office hygiene is a must, and you shouldn’t have to break the budget to achieve it.

3. Flexible Booking and Availability

Sistermatic Cleaning ltd. also offers flexible booking and appointments that fit your needs. We understand that work can be all go during working hours, which is why our expert cleaners can attend the regular clean or deep clean outside working hours and throughout holidays, ensuring that your business remains undisturbed. To find out more about our cleaning services and how to book please feel to call Maria on 07763 904885.

4. We Listen To You & Take Extreme Care

Workplaces are complex spaces, typically housing tonnes of important paperwork, technology and equipment. We know that working around this when cleaning can be a challenge or even a risk with the wrong team. However, we are fully experienced in maintaining an incredibly high standard of care and skill when completing our cleans, so you can rest assured that we will conduct a thorough office clean without interfering with your work. We put emphasis on your instructions and requests to ensure that we meet your expectations time and time again.

5. Industry Leading Equipment

There is a huge difference between a quick wipe of the surfaces and a thorough, professional job when it comes to cleaning. We utilise high end equipment and products to ensure that the highest levels of hygiene are reached within your workspace, that every crack and corner is cleaned.