After Builders Cleans

If you’ve been involved in lengthy building work, your home will certainly benefit from a good post-renovation deep clean. Our expert team provides a thorough and professional after builders cleaning service in Bedfordshire, Buchinghamshire and surrounding villages.  We also this service on newly built developments as well.

What is an After Builders Clean?

A renovation can be very time-consuming, tiring, challenging and very stressful, even without the worry of cleaning up the remaining dust and debris once the builders have completed works.  In fact, the mess left behind after a renovation is often unsightly and requires a great deal of work to clear and put back to a liveable condition.

The dust left behind by tradesmen can get into the smallest of crevasses, which isn’t good for your health and also difficult and time-consuming to clean. Not to mention other dirt such as plaster, paint, as well as other construction residue, which can cause a whole host of problems.

We will ensure that your house is not only cleaned to a high standard, but we will also go to great lengths to refresh your property so that it looks and smells as good as new once we’ve completed the clean.

After Builders & Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist

When your property has undergone construction or renovation work, the dust and debris often reaches every corner of the home or office. To help you along we offer a comprehensive cleaning service once your building work has been completed.  We also offer this service on newly built developments as well. A construction clean up service will typically match all tasks detailed within our End of Tenancy checklist, the only exception being; plaster removal to window frames, door linings & floors and & paint specs, drips which would be subject to an additional charge.