Oven & Appliance Cleaning

You may have an oven that needs cleaning back to showroom standard, a hob that needs some TLC or an extractor that needs a spruce up.  We are on hand to help with a deep clean of all your kitchen appliances & more.  Simply leave the dirty & unpleasant task of cleaning your kitchen appliances to us, saving you time & money in the long term.

What you can expect

  • We will turn up at the agreed time and if there are any hiccups we will be sure to let you know ahead of time
  • It takes on average between 1 to 3 hours for a professional top standard deep clean of single appliances.  It’s the double ovens, Rangemasters which take longer to clean, due to their size.
  • All surfaces will be protected & care taken whilst on site
  • We will require the use of running, hot water & electricity
  • Shoe protectors will be worn / shoes removed
  • We will leave the area as we found it & make sure to clean up after the deep clean
What is covered as part of an Appliance Deep Clean?
  • Grate stands removed, de-greased & deep cleaned
  • Burner flame caps removed, de-greased & deep cleaned
  • Ring top covers removed, de-greased & deep cleaned
  • Hob degreased, deep cleaned & polished
Cooker Hood
Washing Machine

Fridge / Freezer

All freezers will need to be fully defrosted the day before ahead of a deep clean.

  • All sheving, draws, door racks removed & deep cleaned
  • Rubber sealed degreased & deep cleaned
  • Housing unit to fridge and / or freezer deep cleaned
  • Doors washed down internally & exterally
  • Final buff & polish

Microwave are one of the most frequently used appliances in a kitchen. With everything that is heated up in a microwave, it’s inevitable that food, dirt, and grease accumulate over time.  Not only that, but bacteria will start to form over time & your microwave will start to smell.



  • Emptied fully in preparation for cleaning
  • Filter to base of dishwasher, through which the water and residue drains will be removed, scrubbed & deep cleaned.  This also includes the cap. Once all residue is removed, the mesh panel will be refitted and the filter will be locked back into place
  • Spray arms will be removed if possible & any blockages unblocked
  • Seal to the door deep cleaned removing all dust and food residue build-up
  • Control panel wiped down & any debris around the buttons dislodged & cleaned
  • Salt & rinse aid levels will be checked & topped up if reuired.  This will ensure its best performance going forward, and help reduce limescale and bacteria in the future.
  • Housing will be steam cleaned
  • To finish we will run the dishwasher as usual with white vingar