Garden Maintenance & Lawn Care

Sistermatic Cleaning Ltd.’s mission is to act as a one stop cleaning solution and it is for this very reason that we have partnered up with Richard – Garden Maintenance & Lawn Care where we can now garden maintenance & lawn care to both domestic and commercial clients.

Garden Maintenance & Lawn Care will provide you with a first class service and create a stunning lawn to be proud of, which will be the envy of your all neighbours, family & friends. There is in fact further ability with in Richard’s skills to give your lawn a mind blowing effect and a look that will have people asking “is that grass actually fake or real?”

With several years experience and the benefit of treating & renovating thousands of lawns, Richard has now become a self obesssed “Grass God”. The quality of his all round service is prioritised not compromised. A very professional service with a personal touch.

Lawn Treatments is the method by which I can transform your old grass into a great lawn. Over time all lawns can deteriorate and naturally accumulate moss and weeds. A simple but very effective lawn programme can be tailored to your lawn all year round which will be finanacially viable. The result will be a stunning, picturesque green grass, weed & moss free all year round.


  • Lawn Mowing with a Rotary & Cylinder Mower.
  • Flower Beds & Borders.
  • General Tidy Up.

Lawn Care

  • Lawn re seeding & over seeding
  • Weed control to lawn & driveway/patio
  • Scarification
  • Seasonal fertiliser programme
  • Grass sea weed stimulants
  • Bio grass green up