Prices are not approximate, prices may vary and be subject to an additional charge if there are additional cleaning needs which require more cleaning hours, location, access & number of cleaners required. We can of course provide an exact quotation once we have visited the property or site in order to assess the depth of cleaning duties and time to be allocated.

All prices are inclusive of all products and equipment.

Commercial Cleans

Domestic Deep Cleans

Domestic Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning

We do have a minimum charge of £100 and with this in mind in mind we would always recommend having at least 2 rooms cleaned.

Upholstery Cleaning

Appliance Cleaning

Single Oven ( 60 cm )

From £49.00


Electric from £20.00
Gas from £30.00


From £15.00

Double Oven ( 60 cm )

From £69.00


From £15.00

Free Standing Oven

From £75.00


From £95.00

Fridge / Freezer

From £45.00


From £100.00
The oven prices include the oven shelves and 1 grill pan. For extractors with a paper filter, we replace the filter within the price. Our pricing is fully inclusive and not subject to VAT.

External Cleaning