Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Cleans

Where is a deep clean needed?

Deep cleaning is incredibly versatile and best used in commercial facilities in which disinfecting the premises is a vital part of keeping the business running to industry standards. Our commercial deep cleaning services cleans all those spots that aren’t normally picked up, helping you with a healthier and cleaner working enviroment for your employees.

What are the benefits of a professional deep clean?

Our commercial deep cleaning services are designed to take a weight off your mind. We don’t want you worrying about anything. Our reasonable costs and flexible contracts mean you can keep your attention on your work, whether it’s a one off cleaning service or not. A clean working space also helps you to become more productive as it increases motivation and encourages a positive atmosphere.

It is important for us that we work in tandem with you to support your goals and help you create the best working environment for your staff and potential clients and customers. Our deep clean service guarantees that your business is always looking its best and we are dedicated to helping you succeed at industry standards.

Will the changeover to Sistermatic Cleaning Ltd. cleaning systems be seamless?

From experience in dealing with office contracts, we can thoroughly plan and ensure the changeover process is smooth, whilst dealing with all appropriate legislation. The only difference you will notice is the improvement in service and standards.

What does the price include?

Our pricing includes of a full survey of the premises and your requirements to tailor a package to your specific needs. We provide a highly trained and supported team of cleaners who are supervised by our management team.

What are your hourly rates?

All prices are task specific. Whether it is a commercial service, domestic service, a one-off clean, or a builder’s clean, we do not have a general fixed hourly rate as variables such as equipment and materials used are considered when calculating the final cost.

Does Sistermatic Cleaning Ltd. provide cover when commercial cleaners go off sick or on holiday?

Sistermatic Cleaning Ltd. always make a great effort to ensure your office, school, surgery or showroom is not let down by commercial cleaner sickness or holiday. We have relief cleaners who cover holiday and sickness across various sites and your dedicated Area Manager will keep you abreast of any alterations to the usual experience, for example cleaners coming in earlier or later than usual to ensure cover is provided.

How quickly can you start a commercial cleaning contract?

We usually ask for one month’s notice to set up and start a new cleaning contract, however there are often times when this can be expedited. We will always do our best to work to your requirements without compromising on the quality of our commercial cleaning service

Why should I consider outsourced commercial cleaning over in-house business cleaning?

Outsourced commercial cleaning saves time and money in the long run. Not only that, but the equipment, chemicals, consumables orders, stock checks, COSHH paperwork, holiday cover and salaries are all arranged for you. In addition to this, well run cleaning companies, like Sistermatic Ltd. , will provide your office, surgery, school or showroom cleaners with training, supervision and support which may be key if your cleaning is done out of normal working hours.

Does Sistermatic Cleaning store chemicals, equipment and vacuums on our premises?

We store all cleaning equipment on site at your office, school, surgery or showroom. We will need somewhere to fill up and empty buckets. We also need to store mops and buckets, cloths a hoover and various other items such as bin bags and paper consumables. Chemicals should be kept in a locked storage area. If you do not have space in your cleaning cupboard, we suggest a lockable filing cupboard or similar. We can advise you on storage space whilst doing a site survey. We can even help you fit shelves or storage clips in your cupboard to ensure it can be kept safe and tidy.

Does Sistermatic Cleaning Ltd. supply all cleaning chemicals and equipment needed, as well as COSHH sheets?

Sistermatic Cleaning Ltd. provide all chemicals and equipment required to clean your premises. Monthly deliveries will be made to ensure we always have the right equipment to carry out the expected commercial cleaning service at your office, surgery, showroom or school. COSHH sheets are provided for all chemicals provided on site, full COSHH training is provided to our commercial cleaners and you will have a COSHH file in every cleaning cupboard on your premises.

Does Sistermatic Cleaning Ltd. unlock, lock up and alarm our premises if needed?

Our managers ensure that all site instructions are adhered to. Should you need us to lock up, our managers will train each cleaner to lock up and alarm the building correctly, having learned from our client directly. A contact number will be kept for your emergency staff member for any issues and cleaners are only allowed on site if they are approved by the client where named passes are issued. There is no extra charge for a key holding service.

What if we’ve got a problem?

To ensure you are happy with the service, a member of our management team will visit the site on a regular basis. If you need to get in touch with us outside of regular visits, our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Is your company insured?

Yes, we are fully covered by public liability insurance, a copy can be downloaded via our website’s homepage; see Accreditations.

Do you have a company uniform so that all cleaners can be clearly identified and are they vetted?

All of our cleaners are DBS checked, badged and uniformed so you know exactly who they are when visiting your premises.  Before making it onto our cleaning team, each member must provide us with at least two references and are put through their paces with our thorough training.

Which geographical areas do you cover?

Our primary area is the home counties including Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and surrounding areas.

What is TUPE?

TUPE stands for Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment). TUPE is very common within the commercial cleaning industry. Effectively, when you change commercial cleaning provider, it is likely that TUPE will apply, meaning that the cleaner has the choice to be transferred to the new employer in their existing role. It is a common misconception that by changing cleaning company, you will be able to get rid of your cleaner. This is rarely the case. Changing commercial cleaning provider can however help you improve the service. We often find that cleaners are not trained, paid or rewarded well. A cleaner who is underperforming is often about the management of that cleaner. When we take on a new contract, should the cleaner(s) choose to transfer to us, we work to improve the training and support for the cleaner, with a last resort of managing them out through proper channels. We often find it is quick and effective to achieve either. It is often not the cleaner that is at fault, it is their employer. For more information on TUPE and how it applies to your business, either visit gov.uk or give us a call.

Domestic Deep Cleans

What is an end of tenancy clean?

An end of tenancy clean refers to the type of clean required when a tenant moves out of a rented property. This can be undertaken by either the tenant or landlord.

This is an important type of cleaning and essential to be undertaken before a new tenant moves in. This is also the leading cause of accommodation deposit disputes between tenants and landlords at the end of their contract.

As a tenant, you need to check your rental agreement thoroughly because an end of tenancy clean will most likely be a requirement in order to receive your deposit.

What does an end of tenancy clean include?

Please refer to our End of Tenancy Cleaning page for a detailed list on what’s included.

Can landlords charge a cleaning fee?

Cleaning costs are the most common deductions from property deposits. Most likely stated in the tenancy contract, the property should be returned in the same condition it has been let.

For example, an item can be worn and aged, but it is still expected to be returned cleaned.

As a tenant, if you have been cleaning the property before moving out thoroughly, then the landlord should not be expecting to pay the full charges of a professional service.

Do I have to pay for professional cleaning at the end of my tenancy?

As a tenant, there is no reason why you cannot undertake the cleaning duties. You are eligible to carry on your own house cleaning, however, you might hit a wall when it comes to carpet and oven cleaning.

Before you go ahead and start a thorough clean, you should check the tenancy agreement and see what you are contractually obliged to deliver. There are cases where carpets, upholstery or even curtains are required to be professionally cleaned at the end of your tenancy.

There are also cases where your landlord or estate agent requires to see a cleaning receipt from a professional cleaning company to ensure that standards have been met.

What parts of an end of tenancy clean have to be done by professionals?

Even if you are looking to do most of the end of tenancy clean by yourself, there are areas that require professional cleaning to make sure the process is as thorough and complete as possible.

Carpet cleaning is just one of the aspects which has to be carried out by professional cleaners.

This is because the depth of cleaning you would invest in may not meet the rigorous demands necessary to make sure everything is completely disinfected and ready for another tenant.

For example, you may only vacuum a carpet, whereas a professional carpet cleaning service  will steam clean it and maybe even give shampoo to free up the fibres and restore new life and vibrancy. After all, carpet fibres are a great place for germs to build up and it’s important the floor is cleaned to the same standard as everything else.

There are also cases where your landlord or estate agent requires to see a cleaning receipt from a professional cleaning company to ensure that standards have been met.

How soon can you send a team to my place?

We aim to arrange your end of tenancy cleaning without delay.  We work 7 days a week and around the clock.  We will always endeavorto fit you in, even if it’s at short notice.

Can I choose when your team arrives?

Yes, you have total control over the arrival time of the cleaning. We have time slots that will fit into any schedule and create the least amount of inconvenience.

Are you completely covered by insurance?

Yes, we are fully covered by public liability insurance, a copy can be downloaded via our website’s homepage; see Accreditations.

Will you be able to give me a quote for a domestic deep clean without coming to the property?

There is no simple answer to this question, however you can refer to our Prices page for a guide price. We ideally need to see the property in order to determine the size of your home, the amount of deep cleaning required and if applicable the amount of construction there is.  Off the back of this we will be able to clearly see how long the deep clean is expected to take.  Often we see a buildupof limescale and mould to the bathrooms and kitchen, excess grim and dirt to doors, skirting boards and light fittings and if the property has been occupied by pets, there will obviously be more cleaning time to be allocated.

Will you be able to clean my house while I’m away?

Yes, we can arrange for the keys to be collected and returned to a convenient location. You may always contact Maria on 07763 904885 for assistance in determining the best choice for your specific situation.

How long does it take to deep clean a house?

The short answer for how long to deep clean a house is to allow roughly 8 hours for a three bedroom house with a family bathroom, and move up and down by one hour for each additional bedroom and bathroom.

Do I need to provide the cleaning materials?

Absolutely not. When you book with Sistermatic Cleaning Ltd. for an end of tenancy, after builders or one-off deep cleanyou can trust us to have all of the right equipment, tools and the finest cleaning products to hand. The price of our domestic deep cleans includes the cost of materials used.

Can I book your services before the builders finish the work?

It is possible to book our services prior to builders finishing their work, although we are often reluctant to conduct our after builders clean whilst the construction work is ongoing, since it is difficult to guarantee the highest quality clean whilst renovation work is continuing around us. Instead, we recommend booking our services in advance to secure an appointment but for a clean after the building has finished.

Is it possible to conduct an after builders clean myself?

Yes, it is possible, but often a challenge and the results may not be as immaculate or dramatic as if you hired a professional after builders cleaner who specialises in the trade and has all of the most advanced tools and equipment to get the job done. For a more convenient and comprehensive solution, it is always better to call in the experts.